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Electronic components for the open and closed loop control of electric motors

PETER electronic

The products offered by the company PETER electronic GmbH have a significant niche in the market of electronic products and due to a good price-quality ratio, compete with well-known large companies, manufacturers of similar equipment. The product range consists of devices for controlling three-phase asynchronous motors as well as DC motors. The whole range is constantly being improved and supplemented and today includes softstarters and DC braking devices. We guarantee our customers that we ship all products within 10 working days.

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Soft starters

The use of soft starters ensures that the rate of increase and the maximum value of the inrush current are limited for a specified time.

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Combined start and braking devices

Combined soft-start and braking devices are designed for smooth operation when starting and braking a three-phase motor.

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DC braking devices

Soft braking devices are designed to provide smooth operation when braking a three-phase motor.

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AC drives

The AC drive provides starting and stopping of electrical machines, as well as emergency dynamic braking.

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DC motor speed controllers

Motor speed controller is designed to switch on and smoothly or stepwise change the parameters of shaft rotation.

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Automation Safety Technology

Safely automate production and operations to ensure compliance with safety and efficiency standards.