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Distance measurement and position detection


LDM41A and LDM42A

The LDM42 is an optoelectronic distance measuring device for industrial applications with integrated Profibus / Profinet / EtherNet / RS232 / RS422 interface.



The LDS30A laser distance sensor is intended for distance measurements that require extremely fast data acquisition with up to 30000 measuring per second, up to 30 m.



The LDM301A measures distances to targets up to 3000 m away with a precision down to the centimeter. It is able to detect the speed of moving objects with high accuracy.



The LDS70A laser distance sensor is intended for measurements which require extremely fast data acquisition with up to 40000 measurings per second.


Module LDS30M

The LDS30M is an OEM laser module to integrate laser distance measurement capabilities into existing measurement equipment.


Hazardous Area

The optical laser distance sensors of the LDH from Tippkemper convinces with ranges up to 30 m, when you have to solve applications in potentially explosive areas.


  • Distance measurement and determination of position
  • Diameter measurement of rolls / coils
  • Fill level measurement
  • Position control
  • Monitoring of safety-relevant parts
  • Monitoring of lifting plants / lifting height measurement and positioning of elevators
  • Monitoring and positioning of cranes and conveyor systems


  • Millimeter precise measurement on various surfaces
  • Long range reflector-less distance measurement
  • With additional reflectors on the target object measurements over 100 m
  • Operation in extreme ambient temperatures with high precision and range
  • High supply voltage range between 10 V and 30 V DC with low power consumption
  • Safe operation through laser class 2
  • Easy adjustment through visible laser beam
  • One connection cable for supply voltage, serial data interface, switching and analog output
  • Customized parameterization via PC
  • Display of measured values in meters, feet, inches and others due to free scaling
  • Robust, compact housing, easy to install, protection standard IP 65