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Level, pressure and temperature


In 1990 the company ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM began with the production of fill level measurement instruments. Since that time new products were developed constantly, so that the company can fall back today on a large own-produced range of products. The distribution program was extended successfully by system engineering components like controller, writer, counter, sensors and UPS-devices. The company offers solutions for measuring and monitoring liquid, gas and bulk materials, determining and limiting liquid and bulk level, flow, pressure and temperature. The company manufactures temperature and pressure sensors, measuring transducers, level transmitters, probes, and more. This section includes hydrostatic, ultrasonic and radar level transmitters, conductive probes, and vibrating and flagging liquid and bulk solids level limiters.

Level Instrumentation
Level Measurement includes Vibrators ideal in high vibration. Pump Controllers monitor pump levels and leaks. Level Indicators are customizable to fit any application. Level Switches come in diaphragm, tuning fork, and more. Level Transmitters are capacitive, float, submersible, or ultrasonic. Water Leak Detectors monitor water levels.

  • Measurement via Communicating Channels
  • Continuous In-Tank Measurement
  • Measurement of Switching Points in the Tank
  • Submersible Level Transmitters
  • Water Leak Detectors are conductivity sensors with an electrical contact output for detecting water leaks.
  • Pump Controllers turn on and off pumps to maintain specific levels in tanks.
  • Level Switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level.
  • Level Transmitters are sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of liquid, powder or bulk level.
Counters / position displays / process displays

Pressure Instrumentation
Offer is a full-line of Controllers, Data Loggers, Gauges, Manometers, Monitors, Remote Displays, Switches, Transmitters, and Accessories to measure, monitor and control pressure, air velocity, flow, fan pressure, duct, and more.

  • Electronic Pressure Measurement
  • Mechatronic Pressure Measurement
  • Mechanical Pressure Measurement
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Wide selection extends to Gauges, Transmitters, Switches, Data Loggers, and Monitors for Differential Pressure.
  • Manometers and Indicators for the difference between two pressures.
  • Offer is a wide offering of Gages, Transmitters, Switches, Data Loggers, and Monitors for Pressure.
  • Remote Displays for a broad array of industrial and scientific applications.
Counters / position displays / process displays

Temperature Instrumentation
Process Controllers and Temperature Controllers monitor and control temperature, defrost, and fan cycles. Offer is a selections of Transmitters, Thermostats, Digital Panel Mount, Limit Switches, Mechanical Switches and Thermometers available in dial, spirit filled, or digital. Indicators are available with or witout digital LCD displays.

  • Electronic Temperature Measurement
  • Mechatronic Temperature Measurement
  • Mechanical Temperature Measurement
  • Digital thermocouple thermometer indicators.
  • Process Controllers monitor and control temperature or process applications.
  • From wall mounted to PC programmable, to LCD Display, to intrinsically safe models, there are a variety of transmitters to choose from.
  • The different types of Temperature Sensors are RTD, thermocouple, and thermistor models.
  • Temperature Indicators have choices from digital to labels and strips.
  • Temperature Switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific temperature.
  • Control indoor temperatures in commercial and residential buildings with Thermostats.
  • Din Rail Temperature Controllers control the compressor, the defrost, and the fan cycles in refrigeration applications.
Counters / position displays / process displays